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Unlock Local Payment Potential Globally – Just One Integration Away!

  • Card Acquirng

    With our cutting-edge technology, you can seamlessly accept card payments, enhance customer experiences, and drive revenue growth

  • Pay-outs

    Empower Your Business: Make Streamline Pay-outs Your Clients, Partners and Vendors in Real-Time with Our User-Focused Payout Gateway

  • E-wallet infrastructure

    Discover the future of digital payments with our Wallet solutions. Explore the limitless possibilities of our Wallet Infrastructure and redefine the way you engage with the digital economy.

  • White Label Solutions

    Elevate your business with 7Pay White Label Payment Platform. Unlock new revenue streams and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Unlocking a New Era of Security: Introducing Our AI Fraud Prevention Algorithms

In the ever-evolving landscape of online transactions, staying one step ahead of fraudsters is paramount. At 7pay, we've harnessed the power of cutting-edge AI technology to develop a suite of advanced fraud prevention mechanic.

Our AI algorithms are your shield against fraudulent activities, providing real-time detection and prevention across the board. Powered by machine learning and predictive analytics, they continuously adapt and evolve to tackle emerging threats.

  • Real-Time Protection

    Instantly identify and stop fraudulent transactions, safeguarding your business and customers.

  • Hassle-Free Integration

    Easily implement our solutions into your existing systems, making security an integral part of your operations.

  • Adaptive Intelligence

    Our algorithms learn and adjust, ensuring they remain effective in an ever-changing digital world.

  • Cost-Effective

    Minimize losses and operational disruptions, saving both time and money

What Sets Us Apart

Experience the power of our gateway, where we go beyond just presenting payment methods – we craft the ideal financial path that's primed for economic success and risk management.

Cascading algorithms

Our intelligent cascading algorithm leverages a wealth of data insights, encompassing factors like country, transaction amount, customer profile, currency, BIN, card type, and much more, to deliver precision-tailored routing solutions for your transaction volume. Trust us to optimize your payment experience with smart, data-driven decisions

Fully customizable

Tailoring our commercial packages and services to cater to each merchant's unique requirements is our specialty. This encompasses, but isn't restricted to, transaction volumes, channels, referrals, limits, and more. Moreover, we provide supplementary services to guarantee comprehensive support for every individual merchant's needs

AI Fraud prevention

7Pay is complete with an embedded AI fraud module that proactively identifies and thwarts fraudulent actions in real time. Tailor your risk control with a variety of filters for all available payment methods, and fine-tune your fraud vigilance with our extensive collection of fraud rules, or craft your own to suit your needs.


Introducing a groundbreaking capability that empowers you to block recognized fraudulent payment accounts across an array of payment methods, spanning credit cards, e-wallets, neobanking, and more. Conversely, you have the ability to endorse established, trusted client payment accounts, enhancing your client experience and streamlining transaction processing times. Take control and transform your payment security with this innovative feature.



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